Update from Rachel Krider

Bouncing from Oz to NZ to Thailand!

Wow, what an amazing few months I’ve had. Jam-packed with travel, new faces and lots and lots of boxes!

I’m still buzzing from our recent Prosperity Of Life Australian tour, where I traveled around the country with some of our leadership team, to share all the latest updates and information on our personal development products and offering details to those interested in pursuing our online income opportunity. One of my favourite things about touring is feeling the energy of the room full of bright, like-minded people while enjoying the sites of my home country. Love it.

Once I arrived back home to the Sunshine Coast, I had a few days to pack up the whole house and prepare for the move to our new home in Thailand! This is all while hubby, Shane, was overseas for other commitments.

I know a lot of mothers can relate when I say – children and moving can be challenging. There’s the logistics of staging the packing to ensure essentials are left out until the last minute, the favorite toys are still accessible, and ensuring an exit path is laid among the sea of boxes. All this while balancing work, school routine, and placating any anxieties from young brains around changing schools and making new friends. But we did it, with minimal tears and backache.

In between, we’ve headed to beautiful, green New Zealand, to finish off our tour and begin our five-day wealth creation event, Sovereignty Live.

I’m so excited to be here in Auckland on the eve of our event. I always come away with new ah-ha moments, every year without fail. Still! Our innovative, proprietary content is always changing, growing and blowing my mind. It’s truly a life-changing experience. I’m ready to dive in!

See you when I’m out the other side guys – check Facebook and YouTube for updates on our Auckland adventure. Then we’re straight onto Thailand for more escapades (and boxes LOL!)

Wishing you much success!